James Howse

My name is James Howse and I started archery when I was 9 years old. Since then I have progressed from county, to regional champion and for the past 5 years I have been national champion.

Last year I went international representing Great Britain. My first trip was to Slovenia, for the European championships where my team and I, competing in the team round, won a bronze medal. Secondly along with the team again, I travelled to Moscow winning two medals, a silver in the team round again, and a bronze in the mixed team round with my girl team mate.

My goals are to be world champion competing as a junior and a senior and European champion junior and senior. 

Mid April this year (2015) a selection event took place at Lilleshall (Birmingham) for the GB team selection. In my category I qualified first and won the tournament guaranteeing a place for myself on the trip to the world youth championships in Yankton South Dakota. 

Prior to this selection shoot I had already been formally invited to Austria to theEuropean Youth cup 1st leg. I qualified 6th place out of Europe and managed to battle through the head to head matches to the bronze medal match and won, giving me Bronze medal and placing me third in Europe! Along with this individual medal I also won a mixed team medal Bronze and a Silver team medal. Coming away with three medals is a rare occurrence for team GB at a European event. I came away ecstatic and very confident for the World Championships just two weeks later.

Before I knew it I was off again with the team to my first ever World Championships. It took a few days for me to settle in to the climate and conditions, and of course the scale of this event. There were over 600 archers and over two hundred volunteer staff.  Qualification round was incredibly hot and I did suffer because of it, athletes from country's closer to the equator thrived at the conditions they were more used to. I however held my own and ranked 6th putting me in a solid position for the head to head eliminations in the world under 18 compound in qualification.

Before individual eliminations the mixed team eliminations happened with the best boy and girl from the category making a team. We lost the semi final match against Mexico and then went up against South Africa and beat them winning the medal, the first medal for the team. It didn't stop there, the next day, in the team round with my two male team mates, we worked our way to the semi final match and won against Turkey (the current world champions) placing us into the gold medal match against USA, which unfortunately we lost, giving us our second medal this time Silver. 

Individual eliminations came around and before I knew it I had beaten a Porto Rican and an Australian and then into the quarter finals, unfortunately I found myself  against my fellow team mate who had also worked his way through. This was the hardest match, not only did it decide if I went into a medal match but I had to knock out my best mate who I had already spent the whole of Austria trip with and the whole time in America with. We both shot amazing and recorded the highest scores on the field. However, we ended the round both scoring the same score.

This lead to a one arrow shoot off the winner being the person with their arrows closest to the centre. We both shot a good shot and they landed in identical places something I have only ever see happen once in my 5 years of shooting. The judges unable to measure who was the closes made us shoot again,  we both drew up again my team mateshot a middle 9 and I shot a 10. I advanced to the semi finals.

I lost my semi final match against a Hungarian who was previous World Champion and later went on to win the gold medal. I spent the next day mentally preparing myself for the biggest match of my life (for Bronze). As I went onto the field of play I could see the whole GB team in the stands shouting. I won the match decisively with the second highest score that was shot in all the medal matches and came away the first ever person from GB to win three medals at a World Championships, I am now positioned  third in the world. 

After I arrived home I was later informed on another trip abroad with the team for the second leg of the European cup in Rome which I will be competing at in just under three weeks. My success in just under a month with two international competitions and winning 6 medals has amazed me and proved that all the long hours training has really paid off and shows anything can be achieved if you set your mind to it.


Hong Sung Ho v James Howse – Compound Junior Men's Bronze Final | Nîmes 2017

In 2017 James Howse won a bronze medal in the compound junior mens category.

Below is the full match from the third stage of the 2016/17 Indoor Archery World Cup in Nimes, France.

James In Yankton

In 2015 James Howse competed at the World Archery Youth Championships in the Compound Cadet FInals in Yankton

On the finals field in my individual bronze medal match 

Mid shot on the finals field 

The video below is a Live recording of my Bronze medal match. If you start watching it from 1hr 50mins you will see the most amazing 10 minutes of my life.

James in Shanghai

I had a fantastic time out in Shanghai. I shot well all week and qualified 52nd out of 80 which may not seem great but to get into the top 32 I would have had to shoot a new junior world record so that was the standard!! I beat my standing under 18 national record so I set a new national record out there which was good but I had an okay placement for the head to heads and was placed second out of the 4 GB men sent. The head to heads came and I got through my first match and knocked out my second with the same score I shot in America which won me third in the world. So the standard was incredibly high but it's put everything into perspective and made me want to beat them all next time. I came the highest out of all the GB men sent so that was great and I finished 37th overall so an improvement on qualification which is always what I aim for. 

Photo below is me on the finals field testing out the timing system ready for the real matches it was an amazing field and once again an incredible opportunity one that will never be forgotten