Grant Giving Policy

Grant applications must be submitted to The Holt Trustees. Applications can either be verbal or in writing, by submitting the form below. In the case of a verbal approach, such requests must be followed up in writing before the Trustees will consideration the application.

Applications will only be accepted from individuals who have not yet reached their 25th birthday. It would be expected that the individual has made significant efforts to commence in their chosen sport and has demonstrated a genuine commitment to improve themselves.

Grants will not be paid to individuals for payment for participation in the sport,  however  grants  may be given to pay coaches, referees, medical and other support staff.

Applicants will be accepted from all levels of society, with particular consideration being given to those applicants who have some form of financial hardship.

Successful applicants will receive written notification from the Holt Trustees to confirm the size of the grant and the terms of how the grant is to be paid.

Applicants receiving a grant from the Holt Trust will be expected to submit regular reports on progression in their chosen sport, and will be required to attend a face to face meeting with one or more of the Holt Trustees.